Emergency Management

Emergencies can happen at any time. Disaster resilient communities are those in which residents have taken the 3 steps of emergency preparedness. Work with your family to ensure that you are prepared for an emergency situation:

  1. Know your Risks
  2. Make a Plan
  3. Get a Kit

The County is most susceptible to weather-related emergencies (e.g. ice storm, snow storm, flooding, etc). By preparing now you can avoid panic, protect or limit damage to your property, and possibly save lives if disaster strikes.

Municipal Emergency Plan

Whenever an emergency occurs, which affects the lives and property of citizens, the initial and prime responsibility for providing immediate assistance rests with the local municipal government. To ensure that the government is prepared for such an emergency situation, municipalities prepare emergency plans that are designed  to ensure the coordination of municipal, private and volunteer services in an emergency to bring the situation under control as quickly as possible. Prince Edward County's Emergency Plan can be downloaded below:

County of Prince Edward Emergency Plan

For information during an emergency, look to:

Learn more about emergency preparedness:

Resources to help kids prepare for emergency situations: