Burn Permits

To have a fire in Prince Edward County, you must have a current permit and activate it every day that you are having a fire. The types of fires covered by the burn permit by-law are: brush piles, burn barrels, outdoor fireplaces/chimineas, and campfires.

Purchasing a Burn Permit


Permits are valid from date of issue to December 31 of the year issued and cost $20.00 each.

Permits may be purchased online. 

Before going online to pay for your permit, you will require your 2019 burn permit number. Call 613.476.2602 if you require assistance retrieving your 2019 number.

If you are purchasing a burn permit for the first time, call 613.476.2602 to be issued a special number to be used in place of a 2019 number.


Permits can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue Administrative Office, Station 1, Picton - 8 McDonald Drive, Picton
  • Shire Hall - 332 Picton Main Street, Picton 
  • At all PEC Libraries


You can also print off a ‌Burn Permit Application and mail it to: 

  • Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue Administrative Office, Station 1, Picton - 8 McDonald Drive, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

Changes to Burn Permit Program for Multiple Properties

If you own multiple properties, you can now obtain a permit for each of the properties if you wish to burn on them. You now pay for one permit, usually the primary residence, and Fire and Rescue will issue you the other property burn permits with their own numbers at no additional cost. 

Activating Your Burn Permit

Prior to burning of any kind, please ensure your valid burn permit has been activated by calling the automated burn notification hotline at 613.476.7232 or 613.962.3497 and entering the six-digit number at the top of your burn permit using your telephone keypad. If you have a rotary phone, dial 613.476.2345.

Important Notice: Purchasing and activating a burn permit does not excuse any actions that are contrary to By-law 2105-2008 and may result in a fine if all provisions are not being carried out. The owner of the property is ultimately responsible for any and all costs.

If you are not the property owner, you must have their written permission to burn on their property. This permission must be presented when purchasing a burn permit and must be kept with the permit.

Ensure you have read all the conditions, prohibitions, and enforcement terms and provisions of Burn Permit By-law 2105-2008 and Burn Permit Amending By-law 2543-2009 before burning.

For more information and safety tips please follow the latest alerts from the Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue, email us at fire@pecounty.on.ca or call us at 613.476.2345.

You can also consult this document outlining the things to remember when you have a fire